Our Robsten Poll of the week Results

You voted and the results are... Well no shocker! The "almost kiss"  that took your breath away.... With 45% of the votes.... The Montreal "Snuggle"  Which it kind of wasn't a kiss but oh my god did it have us by a thread. I know i was dying my self. It was too much for words. Did it totally made your day? It did mine:)
I think the reason this won is because just look at them! They look so happy and smiling and in a quiet place with only close people surrounding them and they don't feel like hiding because they love each other can you deny it?

 Second place with 23% was MMA '10 hmmm i wonder why??
 I remember watching this and literally screaming at the top of  my lungs. 
Good thing i was home alone hehe

And 3rd place was MMA '09 with a close 22%
Sadly i was a barely starting on my "Twi obsessed career"  around this time so boo me!! Of course i saw it after wards and wow was i overwhelmed. *Sighs* I miss those times:) I'm loving the current ones even more. Lets hope for more PDA in the future? We sure love those don't we?? 

Thanks for participating in our Robsten Dreams poll of the week. Next week will be Bella's Wedding dress. I'm sure you girls will have a lot of input on that topic?? Love you all until next week:) ~alma

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