My Robsten Reunion Ruined!!

I know we are all excited about the pics that popped up from last night!! OMG it's Rob and Kristen!  I know I was excited and giddy too!!  We did post the pics and I am not opposed to that!! It is a necessary evil I guess. We have been waiting for them to show their beautiful faces together but I don't know about you but they are not happy.  I don't want to see pictures of Rob and Kristen unhappy.  I don't know what kind of feelings that you all got today when you looked at those pictures.  I felt a little disappointed, I mean when I saw the pics which I knew would come out soon, I wanted to see happiness, not disgust.  It kind of ruined my Robsten reunion! I am sad about it!  I hate to be so negative about it but that's how I feel.  It doesn't mean that I am not happy to see them together.  As far as knowing they are together, we know they are together!! Right!! That's why we are on here we believe in Robsten!! We believe in their projects but we must remember that they are people and are entitled to their own lives.  It really enrages me when I read articles on the fact that because they are famous that they are not entitled to their private lives.  That is not the case here!! I believe that Rob and Kristen give us more than enough of themselves to the fandom!!   We are not entitled to view the inside of their lives, like everyone else we are entitled to our own private lives.  Like I said before, it is really nice to see them when they are happy and enjoying themselves and we can do so at a distance.  I love to hear about them and see them I just don't like to see it like this. I am sure I speak for Kristen when I say, "Back the Fuck off!!"  Seriously not so up in their face!! 




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