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We interviewed Kristen Stewart (photos) last night at the Welcome to the Rileys press screening (also known as, the event to which Kristen Stewart wore a really hot dress) and we couldn’t resist sneaking one lil’ Breaking Dawn question into our chat. Because while much focus has been placed on the sex scenes between Edward and Bella (unf) and their sweet lil’ wedding, and Bella’s gruesome post-birth transformation into a vampire, no one’s asked Kristen about how she was going to tackle on of her toughest roles yet - playing a mother.
Was MamaStew offering her lessons in daughter-raising and wolf-dog rearing? Was Kristen baking loquat pies for the entire state of Louisiana? Did she need our help learning the ropes (we’re 8 months pregnant after all, we’d be happy to volunteer)? Nope! Girl’s got it under control. Kristen trusts the Twilight books to guide her, telling us, “Luckily it’s written very well, and from her [Bella's] perspective once the kid comes. So there’s really no way to prepare for that, to be honest.”
Tell us about it, girlfriend! [Does imaginary secret mom-to-be high-five handshake with Kristen.] Her solution? “I’m gonna look to the books.”Makes sense, seeing as author Stephenie Meyer is a mom of three. Clip above; two more to come!
Got advice for Kristen on how to play a vampire mother? Leave your tips in the comments below!
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