Kristen Stewart is a Crazy Cat Lady!

Cat people get a bad rep -- just because we are holed up in our homes with our feline friends instead of gallivanting through the park with a leash doesn't mean that we're crazy (lazy maybe, but that's a whole other post).

Sure we fawn over our felines, but not anymore than our friends boast about their dogs, yet we're dubbed as the neighborhood's crazy cat lady.

Well, fear not fellow crazies, there's a whole slew of really awesome people who are in the same boat as us (share this info with your friends the next time they make fun of you). Here are five crazy cat lady celebrities for us to relate to:

Kristen Stewart: She has announced, loud and proud, that she's a crazy cat lady ... no shame for this Twilight star. "I'm so boring. No I am. I sit in my house with my cat. I'm a crazy cat lady, just give me a couple of years. I have one cat but I'm obsessed with him."

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