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Oh, Robsten...what you do to me...

Hi lovely Robsten Dreamers!! My name is Rosalinda (aka: Robstensparks) and I will be your new "Lady Blogger"! I'm very excited to be getting started. I'm pretty sure Ruby posted something about me, but I figured it'd be only fair that I formally introduce myself. Let me tell you a little bit about me!!

I am 19 years old and I live in Jacksonville, FL. I am currently a working actress (not as glamorous as it sounds and I'm not trying to brag! It's actually a popular career where I live!) and I love a lot of things about life.

Twilight stepped into my life in September of 2008. It was totally unexpected and completely random, to tell you the truth. My friend kept begging me to read this book and seriously, she kept shoving it my face, staring at me with this bug-eyes like, "ROSA, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK."

I was like, "What the hell..?" And I especially turned it down when she told me it was about vampires.



I finally had enough. She was getting mad at me, so I finally took the book. I stared at it on the way home...'cause seriously...I started to feel this magnetic pull toward the book. I felt like it was going to jump at me or something. Is it possible to have a connection with a BOOK?

Idk...But I couldn't stop glancing at it. I thought it was going to start talking to me. Literally.

I was pretty freaked out. I got home, and I couldn't avoid it any longer. Twilight was screaming my name. I started to read had a good beginning, I liked Bella. She seemed pretty cool. I couldn't stop reading after she laid eyes on the Cullens. I read into the night, into the next day. Before long, within about 70 hours, I finished Twilight.

I seriously wanted to scream to the whole world about this book. I was IN LOVE. I was being transformed in so many unexplainable ways. I moved on the New Moon (yes, I threw the book at the wall when Edward left) and then Eclipse (Oh, you're damn right I was pissed at Jacob) and then Breaking took me about five days to get through them all. If you were in my living room that week, all you'd be hearing is *GASP* and *sniffles* and "NOOO!!" and a lot of laughing, too. Oh, what an adventure those five beautiful days were.

I hope this isn't getting boring.

Anyhoo, moving onto the GOODIES!! After I finished Breaking Dawn, I knew I seriously would never be the same again. These books were attached to me. So, I ended up killing all my favorite search bars in hunting for more Twilight. Remember, this was September 2008. I found out that the first book had turned into a movie which was coming out two months later and I was kind of late into the Twilight fandom. So, I gained a lot of knowledge quickly.

Then...there was such thing called Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The actor and actress who will portray the two amazing and beautiful characters that I had just fallen in love with. I recognized Kristen, of course from other movies. Boy, did my opinion change on her! Rob was a mystery at the time. But that first clip of them in the ballet studio was incredible. I immediately thought they were perfect and did more research...

and I hopped on the Twilight/Robsten train. And here I am..two years later. I am a full-fledged Twilight fan. I know all the terminology, all the top sites, all about the author. I have a full shelf on my bookcase dedicated to Twilight.

Twilight has also expanded such things as my playlists, my reading, and the outlook I have on life. Seriously. What do I think about Twilight? I think it's probably the most beautiful story I have ever read. I was so impressed at how Stephenie wrote it. Vampires are supposed to be this figure of darkness, yet she brought them out into the light and basically showed that you can overcome ANYTHING. That love can overcome anything. It's such a relief to see a story with such good morals about abstinence and family and how to make the right choices. Honestly, the Cullens are a fantastic influence on the young generation. I know the world puts a mask on Twilight of superficiality, but I see it for what it is. And Edward and Bella are just beautiful. They stole my heart from the very beginning. He loves her completely unconditionally and he would sacrifice his whole life for her. And Edward...all he wants to do is good. He tries so hard to rise above the evil inside him and he succeeds. That's what I love about Twilight. Just the beauty of it that so many people are blind to.

As for Robsten, oh, I definitely consider myself a Robsten Shipper. It was from the very first few interviews that I stood up and took notice of those two. I was like, "Wait a minute, there's something going on here! " It's only common sense, I wasn't trying to prove anything. I picked up their spiritual connection even in the Twilight clip alone. I have watched them grow together through all of this the past two years and it's amazing, I almost feel as if all of us true fans were standing right beside them all the way because we know so much! And we feel so much for them! And we see the truth! I just love them. I see that they have exactly what the other one needs. It's amazing how you can watch people just from videos and pictures and online communication and TV. Those looks and those little moments when they lock eyes just shocks me into silence.

Rob and Kristen are just something else...

So, as you can see, I am a victim of Twilight. I really don't think that will ever change! I mean, this is not some Hannah Montana stage we're talking about here.

I will always support Rob and Kristen together and separately. They are just amazing people. They might not see it, but they are. I don't give a crap what haters say, they don't know what the hell they're looking at. Nonstens have no substance. They're a bunch of foaming hyenas. Lol.

I am a Shipper. I am not Team Jacob. I might be Team Edward. I am Team Renesmee. I am Team Switzerland. I am Team Kristen. And I love Jackson Rathbone. He's adorable.

I hope I didn't bore you to death and I am very excited to be an official blogger on THE BEST ROBSTEN BLOGSITE EVER!!!! I can't wait to happy dance with all of you as this Robsten/Twilight journey continues. This is all too exciting. I hope I can bring you my best blogging and I wish all you beautiful dreamers the best!! Follow me on Twitter!!!

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Robsten forever,

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