Halloween Costume Guide by @TwilightPoison

Two Rob Costumes are discussed below:

Robert Pattinson – Everyday Rob

Rob’s everyday look is very casual and grunge. Some fans may call it hobo-ish, but we still think he does have some style.
His basic look is made up of assorted plaid shirts, baggy jeans and sometimes layers. Lots of layers. When he’s in LA he just
wears a plaid shirt with a cotton t-shirt underneath. When he’s in London he wears sweatshirts and a leather jacket over it.
Sometimes there’s a beanie, sometimes there’s a baseball cap and maybe, just maybe, if we’re lucky, his luscious hair is in full glory.

To duplicate this look you need to look for plaid shirts with long sleeves. He loves his black and white plaid, and I
think that’s his most famous plaid shirt (though at this point he wears the same clothes over and over again that some of his clothes
have a certain level of fame). Rob likes his layers and we’ve seen him wear a v-neck cotton shirt, then a couple of shirts more,
always usually a plaid shirt on top.

Since it’s Halloween, I’d suggest that you exagerate his look as much as you can. I wouldn’t suggest you go for any of the
casual looks ’cause people not understand at first who you’re supposed to be, so make sure that whatever look you go for, you
exaggerate a bit, make it funny, charming, etc. For instance, Rob loves his baggy jeans, you can wear them extra baggy.

Rob wears many different leather jackets, mostly black, but we’ve seen him wear brown leather jackets as well. Your look
would not be complete without one!

As for shoes, Rob loves his dirty sneakers, preferrably black and white, but he does wear other busted sneakers from now and then.
Don’t forget to remove the laces

Like with Kristen, don’t forget to wear the black wayfarers!

Robert Pattinson – MTV Movie Awards winner 2009

The 2009 MTV Movie Awards look is what I consider the best option for your Halloween costume. Not only is it colorful and fun,
but is one of the most iconic Rob looks. All you need is the classic Rob pants (skinny dark jeans), the same dirty sneakers
and a colorful blazer.

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Thank you to TwilightPoison for sharing the tips!

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