Greg Mottola tweets about Kristen


jonathanfuhrman if only I could get that girl from Twilight..

gregmottola @jonathanfuhrman if only I could get that girl from Twilight.. (I specialize in actors who hit one movie AFTER they work with me)

cupidscloud LOL @gregmottola Both your Adventureland actors are amazing..

gregmottola @cupidscloud Casting is my true talent ... I'm trying to improve on the rest of it.

kstewfan10 @gregmottola did you actually know kristen was behind you dancing? lol

gregmottola @kstewfan10 had no idea. what a dork i am!

kstewfan10 @gregmottola haha your not a dork. was frickin hilarious

gregmottola @cupidscloud that is a really funny clip (in spite of me)

cupidscloud @gregmottola I know its kept many of us amused here on twitter... we all love it..

gregmottola @cupidscloud well, it is the real kristen ... she really is insanely special

cupidscloud @gregmottola Aww we all think so too, thats why we support

source via rkloveage

LOL that GIF is hilarious:) 

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