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Here’s the trans­la­tion of an ‘exclu­sive’ inter­view with Robert Pat­tin­son for a spe­cial mag­a­zine for Eclipse. The mag­a­zine con­tains 6 posters of Rob, Kris­ten and Tay­lor (some together, some solo) and one theater-sized Movie poster. Some of the questions/answers are def­i­nitely not new (some were even funny and I even won­der if they’re true), but I still wanted to share it with you:


I did not like the way new moon was hyped!

As vam­pire Edward Cullen, Robert Pat­tin­son did not only con­quer the heart of his movie-romance Bella Swan. We had a pri­vate con­ver­sa­tion with the 24-year-old actor.

You are cur­rently the most excit­ing and pop­u­lar boy in the world!
I try to some­how to deal with, but I can’t. You become a lit­tle para­noid, but to be hon­est it’s fan­tas­tic. I now have the oppor­tu­nity to make the movies that I want to make.
There’s a lot of pres­sure rest­ing on your shoul­ders now, there are even dolls and unau­tho­rized biogra­phies of you…
That’s right. Because of the Twi­light saga I’m always in the media. They con­stantly ask me if I am not afraid that I’ll be ‘type-casted’. But I’m not afraid at all. Actu­ally, it’s all about money. That’s how you will be ‘graded’. And if that fails, or if you want to do some­thing else, like play­ing small roles in smaller films, you will be ignored and for­got­ten. There is appar­ently only one or the other extreme.
You could sim­ply play smaller roles …
Yes, I could. But I might not be in front of a cam­era for ten years because I can’t find good roles. If you’re offered a role in an inde­pen­dent film, one you really want to play, there’s a chance that this movie will never be made because of finan­cial rea­sons. And that’s too bad!
What review would hurt you most? Were you sat­is­fied with the lat­est movie Twi­light, New Moon?
Noth­ing spe­cial would hurt me. I did not like the way New Moon was hyped. It was not about the movie, but about the brand. Chris Weitz is a fab­u­lous direc­tor, I liked the film very much. That’s why I didn’t like that. I’ve been very lucky that I could play in this film.
What is the strangest you’ve ever read about yourself?
I remem­ber read­ing some­where that I was preg­nant. It was a story in a mag­a­zine. I think it was even on the front page.
If you would have 24 hours where no one rec­og­nize you, what would you do?
Noth­ing. When I was in Lon­don recently, I could do nor­mal things, no one rec­og­nized me.
Maybe because you had a beard?
Why did you have a beard?
I wanted to go to an audi­tion, with­out every­one instantly rec­og­niz­ing me.
Do you have a fashion-sense and do you have a favorite designer?
I love Marc Jacobs. Actu­ally I wear some­thing from him at every pre­miere. I believe that those are the only suits that actu­ally fit me and look good on me. I also like cool and com­fort­able clothes. Prefer­ably second-hand. I go to second-hand stores to buy new clothes. Funny, huh?
How did all the fame change your life?
Out­side the United States it’s almost nonex­is­tent. But if I’m in the U.S., I can barely move freely. Every step is watched closely by mag­a­zines and com­mented and there are paparazzi every­where. I can’t even use the reg­u­lar door when I go to a pub or restaurant.

What do you do when you’re in London?
I’ve hardly been there in the last three years. I used to live in Soho. Much has changed. It seems they have closed all the places I liked at once — the shops, restau­rants and cafes …
Is it true that you were afraid of your fans when you were in Italy film­ing scenes for New Moon?
I wasn’t scared, the entire city was taken over by Twi­light fans and I had to take my shirt off dur­ing film­ing. That made me inse­cure and it was painful! After all, every­one was watching.
Are there any actors you admire?
I admire Joaquin Phoenix and Ryan Gosling
Has it become eas­ier for you to get to know girls, now that you’re famous?
Although I became more self-confident and famous, it’s not eas­ier! On the one hand, I am afraid to suc­ceed with a girl on the other hand, I am afraid to get rejected. It’s crazy really.
You used to make music…
Yes, I per­formed three to four times a week live before Twi­light! Unfor­tu­nately I have no time for that anymore.
Do you use the Internet?
I love YouTube! I’m addicted to it!

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