Commentary: Robert Pattinson Selling “Remember Me”

The Product:
Remember Me is not an easy story to sell; it was difficult to get financing for the project and then later it was a hard sell during promotion. Part of the reason is that it cannot be pigeon-holed into the usual genres, and when a close type is identified, it turns out most of the viewing public is not ready to pay to see that type of film.

I ‘m not sure of the exact timeline, but Pattinson definitely read the script and met with Coulter and producer Nick Osborne and signed on to Remember Me long before Twilight came out. At that point none of the men knew that Twilight’s success would catapult Pattinson into the stratosphere of fame, but when it did, he then had the clout to get Summit to back the project. This phenomenal occurrence was a double-edged sword, because, when filming began, Coulter reports that it was “incredibly difficult” to film on the streets of NYC, with disrespectful paps and Pattinson’s eager fans hampering their efforts.

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