City in Brazil Found to Film “Breaking Dawn”?

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In talks held this Friday (1), the CEO of RioFilme, Sérgio Sá Leitão, anticipated some more news regarding negotiations for the filming of Dawn, the latest title in the Twilight series. According to him, although no confirmation yet, the sequences that can be filmed in Brazil will be the arrival of the characters Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) to an island whose landscape is the Brazilian city of Paraty, in Rio coast .

Leitao also said today that talks with Summit, producer of the franchise, is a prerequisite that all international productions need to fill out: “First we need to know what will be the total spend for a movie in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Because then I’ll assess how I bring to the city to invest every dollar that title. It has to be an equation that is worth. According to wonder how many jobs it will generate. And thirdly we need to have a basic script, because we will not invest, for example in a movie like Turistas (2006 production that featured Brazilian and heartless murderers of innocent Americans). ”

He added: We need not only an economic return, but also a promotional return to the city. “Leitao said that what is spoken a lot today in the industry to promote cities apply to trading known as” product placement “in that the lease is sold as a product, such as a soda bottle. But, instead of the brand, the counterpart of the film’s view “postcards shots (taken from the postcard type) at some point in the movie.

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