Breaking Dawn Cliff Notes Version of the News Top 10!

Wow, the last few days have been filled with lots of Breaking Dawn News!  I am so excited that we are finally moving forward to filming, which means we are one step closer to seeing this movie!! Plus, I can't wait to see the cast together filming.  I love the chemistry of the crew! So I have put together some cliff notes of what has happened over the last few days and week if you haven't been on the blog or twitter.  Happy Reading!  If I missed  anything please tell me.
 1.  Stephanie Meyer officially congratulated the official Twilight Facebook page on reaching 15 million followers plus she officially confirmed Mackenzie Foy for Renesmee.  Yay!!
2.  Peter Facinelli, officially stated on twitter that he has the script in hand and is Very Excited!!
3.  It looks like earlier this week Mr. Roberto was apparently seen leaving maybe a costume fitting for Breaking Dawn, which means maybe we will hear more from the other cast soon.
4.  This may be last week but the official Denali Clan was announced an they are Maggie Grace (Irina), Christian Camargo (Eleazor), Mia Meastro (Carmen), Myanna Buring (Tanya)!!
5.  Nikki Reed, supposedly is on her to New Orleans in a week which makes me think that maybe they will all be doing that!! Mmmmm we will have to wait and see.
6.  Bill Condon released the fabulous brain power behind the super natural last week and we are going to see some amazing transformations with Renesmee.  I can't wait!! If you haven't seen Benjamin Buttons my advice is to go rent.  Same mastermind that is going to be helping with Renesmee.
7.   Bella's Wedding gown will supposedly be revealed in Stephenie Meyer's new book being released April 12, 2011.  **SQUEE** I can't wait!!
8.  Edward and Bella's honeymoon confirmed that it will be filmed in Brazil!!
9.  Ashley Greene twittered about her costume fittings and she is very excited!!
10.  The last but not least we are just weeks away from seeing the cast all back together and as these few weeks draw closer we will be getting more information.  Please come to Robsten Dreams for the updated information!!

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