The Yorkshire Post Interviews Kristen Stewart

The Runaways is finally hitting the screens of England, Ireland and Spain and the Yorkshire Post has a new interview with Kristen. Here are the best portions of the article.
She writes music. She likes movies by Stanley Kubrick and John Cassavetes. She yearns for a past she’s never experienced. And she’s just 20 years old.
It’s easy and too simplistic to cast Stewart as sullen, stand-offish and unsmiling. Perhaps the truth behind her oft-reported reluctance to conform to film star stereotypes is that she’s fundamentally shy. Yet she has been thrust into a harsh spotlight that she neither anticipated nor welcomed. Not an easy arrangement for a global superstar.
“I love all of Kubrick’s movies. I love old independent movies like Cassavetes movies. Joan was watching funny stuff when she was younger. There’s this tape of her when she’s 14 so I could hear how she spoke, and it’s so different. Now she’s very New York and raspy, but back in the day she was light; she was a kid and she just talked about a movie that was funny.”
Read the complete article at the source. Much recommended.
Via Twilight Poison

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