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So if you've been hiding under a rock for the past couple of weeks and know nothing about the latest DVD releases you have know idea what the hell you're missing! Recently, the indie flick The Runaways was released and I stopped by the store to pick it up.

Its based on the 70's short-lived but legendary self-titled rock band and book by former member Cherie Currie, titled Neon Angel: Memoirs of a Runaway. In the film, Twilight's Kristen Stewart portrays rock goddess, Joan Jett. A young girl in high school who wants to start an all-girl rock band. Kristen starts off as her normal stuttering awkward self. but with drugs, alcohol and profanity. She then meets the other girls who would soon become a part of the band, including Dakota Fanning who portrayed Cherie Currie.

The movie starts off with Dakota's character, 15 year-old Currie getting her period... or coming of age, if you will. She enters the school's talent show and does a number by musician David Bowie. Jett on the other hand, is taking guitar lessons from a teacher who tells her that girls don't play electric guitars. It then edges Jett to prove people like him wrong. She meets the infamous Kim Fowley outside of a club one night and convinces him to help her start her dream -- An all girl rock band. Jett meets drummer Sandy West and together they see what music they can come up with. Later, more members are added. Fowley spots Currie at a club one night and asked if she wanted to be in a band. Upon Currie getting in, Jett and Fowley made the song "Cherry Bomb" on the spot, as her audition. That was it. Currie became the lead singer. The Runaways did free shows until they hit it big in Japan. The course of band ran for about 4 years, 1975-1979.

To be honest, I didn't think Kristen could pull off the role of Jett. I was a non-believer. When I watched her roles post-Twilight she seemed to play the same quiet-introverted character so I wasn't expecting much. But boy, she proved me the HELL wrong!!! Her portrayal of Jett was dead on! It was aggressive and intense. The body language was all there. I fucking LOVED it! This wasn't the Kristen I was used to watching. I felt as if I was watching the actual Runaways. Dakota Fanning as Currie did a fantastic job! This is her first adult role and seeing her transition from teeny-bopper roles to this is a major stepping stone. Bravo!

I'm a 90's baby so seeing the lifestyles of these girls was really eye-opening. I wasn't aware of The Runaways prior to this movie so it was interesting to learn about them. After seeing the film, I was so enamoured by this band, I immersed myself in all things Runaways. I was taken by them. I wanted to learn more about them. I began doing research on them, on what they were all about, listening to all their music. I watched Edgeplay: A film about The Runaways. I thought Producer/Manager Fowley was an asshole. The way he used these girls, practically turning them against each other without them even knowing, always calling them names, making them feel like nothing. In my opinion, he was cruel and all he cared about was the money. I also learned about the other members of the band, West, Lita Ford, Jackie Fox and Victory Tischler-Blue who also directed the film. (Jett didn't take part - sources say she wanted nothing to do with it.) The documentary gave me a deeper insight as to who they really were. It showed a lot of what the movie left out. They had gone through a lot of shit through out the course of the band. Fame, drugs, and sex. It all got to be too much for some of them, which led to the break up of the band. The story that touched me the most though, was that of Sandy West. She loved the band and she was saddened that they broke up. She strongly believed that the band would've made it far if they had just stuck it out. West just wanted to play music. It was her life. She wanted a reunion but that didn't happen. West died of lung cancer on October 21, 2006.

Sandy West

After watching this movie 3 times and listening to the audio commentary (which featured Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning and the rock goddess herself, Joan Jett) twice, I was blown away. I enjoyed listening to what they had to say, how they did in each scene, what was most fun to film and so on. It was funny how almost every other word the came out of Kristen's mouth was "fuck." Also when Dakota had a make out scene with Johnny Lewis who played Scott Anderson, Kristen's overprotective shield kicked in and voiced that she hated that scene. A lot. Saying that it made her want to throw up. Oh, how I heart OverprotectiveStew! ;)

At the end of the movie where it showed some info on what the actual stars were doing now, Jett was sad about the fact that nothing was mentioned about West.

Fanning: "I love that they do one on Kim, too."

Jett: "I wish they had said something about Sandy though."

Stewart: "I know. I don't understand why the movie's not dedicated to her."

Jett: "Well I'm saying it. Sandy, this is for you, too."

Sandy was indeed an amazing musician. I think she would have loved the movie if she had lived to see it. R.I.P. Sandy West. ♥

Over all, this movie, this BAND was and still is amazing! By the looks of my somewhat long review... can you say: obsessed much?? HELL FUCKING YES!!! I am so glad that I watched it. I would have never known about this awesome group if it wasn't for Kristen Stewart. Seriously. Kristen isn't JUST Bella Swan, she's more than that. For those of you that thought she couldn't act (me included) well, this movie will make you eat your fucking words! So if you haven't seen it, I suggest you get up off your lazy ass and go see it! That is all! 
AN: Thankyou for sharing with us hun:) Mwah:) 

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