Robsten Sighting in NOLA

So apparently that's Kristen in the back with the white shirt and Rob would be the one lurking on the upper right corner of the picture... Are those his fingers we see on Kstews leg or are they Kristen's??

Thanks him with the darkish blue shirt ( i see his hairy arm *_*) What i want to know who are this girls right because isn't that Sam behind Robsten with another girl?? You can clearly see that Sam is taking the pics with this girls. hmmmm wonder if they know them or were they just lucky???

Here is a close up of Rob (hairy beast) and what looks like him in the pic with Kristen. *ahem* could it be them??

is it them?????????

or isn't them????

That is/....
The Question............

What do you think??? Ill be on my whole answering questions in the comments. *mwah*

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