Robsten Obsessed No Help Necessary!!

So its been some two weeks since we have seen any thing of Rob and Kristen and I just need to put it out there!  I don't know about you but I am really missing seeing Robsten.  I mean where is that beautiful face even if it is covered in hair!! I mean really he still the hottest man out there!  The strut, the smile, the hands!! Yes his hands!! Have you ever looked at Rob's hands? I mean they are long, beautiful and graceful. And those eyes they are so revealing in so many ways. Maybe that is why we are so obsessed with him. And Kristen, I am missing her just as much.  I mean supposedly she's in Arizona dining on some sashimi with the "Get Off My Dick" Shirt.  Okay, well damn it I want to see a picture of her in her cute cut off jean shorts and a Beastie Boys t-shirt.  Preferably License to Ill because that was my favorite album.(Just sayin)  Anyways where was I oh yeah, Kristen smoking with her cute Raybands on and any t-shirt that she is wearing is knotted. (I love that BTW!) Whatever the tabloids say I still know that Kristen loves her fans and just wants to keep her life private and at a distance.  Okay, I can respect that I don't need to see them making out, I just need to see them together.  When they are Robsten they are happy and you can't hide real happiness, real love!! Where ever they may be, I hope that they are happy and will be together soon.  Well they will be together soon because Breaking Dawn will be filming soon and the family will be back together again.  I don't know about you but I can't wait to see that again!!

I mean really who doesn't love this!!
This is what RobstenDreams are made of!!

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