Rob spotted in Austin TX?

According to  @johnnyonegative Rob was spotted along with some friends in  @ChupacabraBar a bar sutuated close to Austin and Houston tx. We don't know if its true but to me it makes sence right?? OMG again closer and closer to me!! Although i bet anything he is already in LA!!! *sniff* i really dont think this will ever happen for me!! OH well glad he is going to be with his love *sighs* i wont cry today ok? lol
tweets and map of Rob's "on the road" map:)

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5 Responses to Rob spotted in Austin TX?

  1. wooohooo! should be there soon! Looks like they are taking their time and having fun on the way to catch up with Kris!
    I'm so stupid for keeping up with this I cannot believe I'm constantly checking to see if he arrived to NOLA yet. I'm probably more excited than she is, weeelll maybe not :-)

  2. linda: Austin to new orleans is almost 9 hours i think they are going to do a second stop..

  3. someone had posted the other day on a sight that Rob's friend Sam was doing a concert in Huston on the 12th??

  4. bad...."HOUSTON"

  5. concerts for Sam in Houston until Nov. nothing to hold him up, just keep driving Rob you're almost there, then you can REST ;-)


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