Rob are you listening? “Anonymous” author still really wants you!

Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online, he is also the author of the book “Anonymous.”

Earlier this month, Zoiks! announced that “Anonymous” is looking to be made into a movie and that Rob would be perfect for the lead role as narrator. You can read the post here.

Now, Oprah has been brought in to the discussion:

For the second straight year, Oprah Winfrey did not choose “Anonymous” for her book club. The novel, which is about prisoners locked up due to crimes involving murder, sex addiction and pedophilia, was released in March 2008 and has gotten positive reviews.

Winfrey, who typically chooses books that don’t involve such topics, does not even know that she inadvertently dissed “Anonymous” and the author, none other than yours truly.

The novel is currently being shopped around to studios to be turned into a feature length film. Robert Pattinson would be perfect for the role as narrator but nothing is set in stone and Pattinson doesn’t even know that he would be perfect.
What I think will happen in the future is that Oprah will continue to diss the novel while taking audiences to fancy locations and Pattinson will continue to not know that he would be perfect for the role while being the biggest movie star working today.

If you haven’t read it yet, pick it up today. It’s only $13 bucks and if you don’t like it you can use it to fix that bastard table or chair that keeps wobbling. Think about it. That’s two value meals at any fast food location. Not only is “Anonymous” good for Robert Pattinson it’s good for your health too.

Ms. Winfrey, consider my novel “Anonymous.” It may not be up your alley but it would engineer some good conversation. And who knows? You may just like it.

Mr. Pattinson, consider being the narrator in the book’s adaptation. It may be a different type of role for you but, if anything, would be the talk of the town. And who knows? You may just like it.

People, consider buying “Anonymous.” It may not be “Twilight” or “Harry Potter” but it would be a good conversation piece when friends see the book mixed in with “Twilight” and “Harry Potter.” And who knows? You may just have a table that needs fixing.


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