Poll: What is your fave Robsten Photoshoot?

I know i'm evil!! You can only pick one!! Its hard i know!!!
Gahhhhh how to choose!!! They are both cute and makes me smile!

Tell me which one you chose and why? I wanna know why? *bats eyelashes*

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9 Responses to Poll: What is your fave Robsten Photoshoot?

  1. I chose Harperz Bezaar because it looks hot!! I can see the love between them more! Good poll btw i love your blog!

  2. I choose the Vanity Fair photoshoot just 'cause they seem more natural and themselves. And they look like they're having a blast!:DD

  3. This was an evil poll, but I picked the Harpers Bazaar shoot. Vanity Fair was like the holy grail shoot for Robsten fans. And you could see a lot of flirtatious stuff going on with them that shoot and it was a lovely shoot. But for me the Harpers Bazaar shoot was just steaming hot. Every set of photos whether it was the vamp shot by the columns, the motorcycle shots, Rob cradling her face, the proposal shots, Rob carrying Kristen, meadow scene, and my favorites the pure Rob and Kristen shots or as I and another site refers to them the Wedding Announcement shots (Rob black t-shirt, Kristen in the black dress or the all white outfits), they were Hot with a capital H. They look comfortable, in love, and ready to jump each other bones at any given moment.

  4. @cutiestar Oh you are hilarious but yes so true! I did pick that one too. I love the Vanity Fair photoshoot because its what got me obsessed with Robsten but HB is OMG HOT!!! AMEN!!

    @CULLENCENTRAL I also agree with you! They do look like they were having alot of fun and carefree almost as if no one else was there!

    @Anonymous Thankyou for your sweet words. Whats your name dont hide we dont bite! hard i mean! LOL thanks girls for giving me a smile before bed ill see you all tomorrow *mwah*

  5. Harpers Bazaar was just Rob and Kristen. That all I wanted to see and I love the picute on the motorcycle.

  6. has to be VF...so playful and carefree, more like hanging out than posed...plus I really don't like the extensions in her hair...her real hair is so much prettier.

  7. Hey @RPattzgirl I agree with you. Her extensions weren't at all good though I thought it was cute that it was only them. Although in VF they do have a time alone just for thier pics. Can't decide! RobstenDreams you are EVIL! such a hard poll like always! Lol jk love it that you do this from
    time to time.

  8. Girls I love you all! Thankyou for always comming in here and saying something sweet. Love you all!!!

  9. I would say VF because it was slightly more intimate in my opinion, but HB because it was ONLY Rob and Kristen!


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