OMG Tyler

So i got this from a tumbler DONT know exactly which one because i am tubler retarted..... anyways look=======>>>>>>>>>> OMFG I AM DED!!! SO FUCKING HOT!!!

Just look at his face. His hand. Fuckhawt sex with Rob. Yeah, I fucking want that. 

Oxygen tanks - what the f*ck are those?!  _________________________

looks like theyre upright…against a wall….*lip bite* (click thru the pic for LARGEness)

They way he is grabing her, the way he is looking at her O_O oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i think i seriously need HIM NOW!!!! *AHEM* Sorry girls you know how i get sometimes :-O

Thanks Tinkerbell113 just saw your tag there. lol OH GIRL YOU ARE GOOD!!! YOU WILL KILL US ALL!!!  
ENJOY AND TELL ME WHAT YOU HAVE IN MIND.  I know there is a PERV inside of every one of you:)

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