Oh Rob, I Love Your Five O'Clock Shadow.............

I feel like I missed out on the awesome post last night about supporting our Rob!! I wanted to give my input on the facial hair!! I love it!! I love that haven't shaved in a few days or  few months look. Some of Rob's best pics are taken with facial stubs!! I mean seriously he looks so sexy and manly!! When I look at those pics, I can almost smell the fresh scent of the mountains! He is our lumber jack man now but don't worry that JAW PORN will be back in action before you know it! In fact, I would have paid $60k to get my hands on that face and help Roberto find that jaw line again.  It is going to have to come off for Edward of course! :)  I would be happy to assist with that!  I would love to touch that facial hair and get a stub burn!! You know what I am talking about ladies.  The one when you are kissing your man passionately and that stub rubs against your face and gets all red! I will volunteer for that any day!! Haha!! In honor of our lumberjack, here are some pictures to remind you of that sexy, amazing, fabulous man, Robert! 

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