Kristen Is Happier With Rob

The 20-year-old actress has been dating her 24-year-old Twilight co-star for around two years. Kristen is known for her serious personality, which often sees her criticised for failing to smile in paparazzi pictures.

Kristen is currently in Montreal filming a new movie and her co-stars were stunned by the change in the young star when Robert flew to the set for a visit. All of a sudden Kristen was behaving like a giggly teenager who couldn’t stop telling jokes. 

“Kristen was a joy to be around, laughing and joking – she was like a different person,” a witness told British magazine More. 

Robert and Kristen have reportedly being going through a rocky patch in their relationship recently. Robert wants to live in New York, while Kristen is keen to remain in Los Angeles, but they are believed to have decided to remain in California because they can’t bear to be apart. 

“There was tension between them when Rob said he wanted to escape LA and move to New York,” a source said. “But as soon as Robert flew up to Montreal to surprise her, all their troubles just melted away. 

“I think when he really thought about it he realised that as much as he’d like to live in New York, he doesn’t want to be anywhere without Kristen.”

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