Kristen has a thing for Robs ear?

via RobwardKrisella

Awwww so cute! Kristen has a thing for his hears.
Me think ROb likes it too? lol

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2 Responses to Kristen has a thing for Robs ear?

  1. His Ear
    Ear is highly sensitive to touch. The delicate area in and around the ear is full of nerve endings. Explore behind his ears with your tongue softly. Enact your mastered art of kissing, licking and sucking on the edge of his ears. Nibble his earlobes but make sure not to make him squeal with pain. It will be a sure hurdle for your next move.

    Just the sound of your heavy breathing and moan is a huge turn on for men. So, don't feel shy about making any noise especially near his left ear. You can even run a commentary in a style of playful tease. Whisper in the sweetest voice where your hands or mouth is moving next to increase his sexual anticipation.


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