Is Rob going to New Orleans?

1st. circle is Santa Fe New Mexico where he was spotted yesterday morning!
2 Lubbock Texas where he was spotted last night!
3 and the heart is NOLA where Rob hopefully is heading right??

So to NOLA it is?

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6 Responses to Is Rob going to New Orleans?

  1. hmmm! I believe his show in Houston is on Nov. 9th not Sept. 11th ;-)

  2. LINDA: of course i did the same thing in google maps hahahahhaa last stop NEW ORLEANS! its so obvious! THANK GOD HE IS NOT SURROUNDED BY PAPZ and only by us fans! He must be happy, awwwwww going to see his kristen!

  3. LMAO is it?? Let me go check!! ha! !

  4. You're right :( Its the 9th of nov. Darn it! Oh well i guess still its on my bday so i still shall go but no ROB:(

  5. I love that Rob and his mates are on a road trip. I bet they are having a ball being together driving across country. I would definitely say that he is on his way to Kristen. Lord, I would love to have just ten minutes with this man.

  6. Isn't he the cutest though?? I mean so romantic going to see his love. Gaahhhhh he is the PERFECT edward after all. *sighs* I love him even more:)


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