Sticky Post: Happy Bday Balla Marie Swan

Happy birthday to the one and only Bella Swan!! 

From the beginning we saw you as a young girl determined to start a new life with your father unknowingly heading into something unbelievable.

You met him YES him!!!! 

And even though you knew there was something dangerous about him you didn't care... It was impossible to stay away!! 
you couldn't!!! You had fallen for him 
You were unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him:) 
And like this you began your journey and with you we have grown Miss Bella Swan. We have seen you about to loose your life 

then saved by your love 

Then loose your love after that... 

Suffer the loss of your soul... Then get back up and go and save him because Bella Swan you are amazing....

And of course we got to see you get engaged and just be happy:)

We love you Bella Swan:) Happy Bday!!! Hope you have a great one with Edward, Renesmee and even Jacob LOL 

  • AN:L yeah i know i left out the Jacob love part but i didn't have it in me to look for Jacob pics. ^_^ love me!!! mwah!! Don't forget to wish Bella a happy bday!! Wouldn't it be awesome if you could say something to her? What would you say??

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