Expectation hits the town where 'On The Road' is set to begin filming in Mexico

Kristen Stewart will act in Parras, Coahuila

PARRAS DE LA FUENTE. A great expectation has been generated here for the filming of 'On The Road', a U.S. production which will start shooting as of September 18 in [edited out]. But the base of the of the production, composed of more than 150 people, will arrive on the 15th to the city, where they will remain for about a month.

Among the leaders and owners of hotel and restaurant sectors there is great secrecy surrounding this, and they comment they do not have confirmation yet, but in the city they speak about nothing else in gas stations, convenience stores, candy outlets regional wineries and other establishments, the film has raised great expectations.

"We understand that most people will arrive here on September 15, and if over 150 people between producers, actors, technicians, and all other elements that participate in the filming and of course we have a great hope for major spills that permeate so important in many businesses and establishments, " a well known businessman told VANGUARDIA later "I do not know why they walk with so much mystery, because it is a fact that the producers have already confirmed their base here assembled, and hence are moved daily to different locations, but what is a fact, that day is coming, and 18 will be giving the 'claquetazo' to mark the commencement of filming, "explained the informant.

He said the project is important not only for financial spills, but for the projection of Parras internationally.

"For to know the quality of management, because I have understood to be a very prestigious Brazilian director, and actors are very significant, this will cause many people come," he said, "journalists also clear from several countries, and spills becomes much more important, and of course, also receive our dear projection Magic Town"

vanguardia (mexico)

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