Don't those Louboutins look so fabulous with those Legs?

I have to admit that I have a girl crush on Kristen Stewart!!  I mean any true fan of Rob will be a fan of Kristen! I just have to put that out there!!  Have any of you ever noticed her fabulous long legs??  I guess that is really a rhetorical question because how can you not notice them!? I mean every time I look at her, all I see is that beautiful face and then her ever ending long legs.  Ever wonder why she is clumsy at times? (Don't get me wrong that's what I love about her.) I mean seriously, if you had legs like that and put them in some fabulous 6 inch heels that would be very hard to walk in!!  After all she is a converse girl and that's why we love her!! She may be clumsy but she still struts her stuff in those amazing heels!! You would think the heels make the legs but in this case the Louboutins don't make her legs. They are fabulous on their own even in cut off jean shorts and tennis shoes.   I think she does a fabulous job of walking in those heels.  Have you ever walked in 6 inch heels?  I have!! I can't obviously afford a pair $800 heels but I went to try on the knock offs and it's like trying to walk on stilts and Kristen makes it look effortless!!  This is the many things that I adore about Kristen.  She is herself, true to the very end!! That's what draws everyone in.  She is not afraid to hide anything including those daddy long legs of hers!! Have you ever heard of the song by ZZ Top, "She's Got Legs and She's Know How to Use Them"?  Well, if not you should you tube it and check it out because this is the song that I hear in my head every time I see her walk in a room!!  

Even Rob can't Keep his Eyes off those Legs or Maybe He is Looking at Something Else!! Hottt!!

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