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Article from Newsgirl News’s blog: Bella Swan’s House under Construction for Breaking Dawn
Today is Saturday September 25th.  A couple of weeks ago see post & story here, I was passing by the empty lot of Keery Park in South Surrey.  At the time I spotted the locations manager from New Moon and Eclipse, Abraham Fraser and a couple of other people.  I was on a Movie Locations Backwards Tour and we asked the group when they will be returning to the Park to build Bella’s House.  The group of men replied “in January” and I reported January but I was also very skeptical with their answer.
There were too many new developments and I was finding out a lot of great information about filming of Breaking Dawn in Vancouver over the winter and not the spring like everyone thinks.

Production Weekly had reported Breaking Dawn opened their production offices at North Shore studios in early September and I had confirmed that with a visit to the Studio Lot.
I thought it was pretty early to open production offices if they were not planning on returning to Vancouver until January or February of 2011.

Summit and the production company staff  is notorious for not always being straight forward with fans or some individuals.  In fact, I am currently seeking out an employee who said he was in charge of Security for New Moon.  It seems there is a slight problem with some mistaken identity and I am eager to clear it up with a simple meeting.  I want to meet him and set the record straight.  He had said some things to some people that didn’t happen and it is a case of mistaken identity that is causing me some grief.
Sorry, I digress but the fans seem to be hungry for news and Summit releases information a couple of months after the fans have uncovered new facts.
It has been confirmed  Breaking Dawn will be filmed in two parts,  We know there is a studio near Baton Rouge  that will house the Cullen House and the interior shots.  The latest internet news is from Nikki Reed.  Miss Reed  stated in a Q&A to  recently that Summit and the production company will be filming some of the “Honey Moon” scenes in South America but didn’t say exactly where.
    “They are filming a few days [in South America], but I’m not there,” the 22-year-old actress confirmed to (HL) exclusively at the LA premiere of her new film, Last Day of Summer, Sept. 22. “It’s Bella and Edward’s honeymoon.”

You can read the Twilight blog post here.

Fans of the Twilght Saga Breaking Dawn know they will be looking for Esme Island complete with a beautiful house, a beach and a long dock for the speed boat.
I also reported production is slated to begin November 1, 2010.  Part one should take three months and part two will be another three months.  Both parts directed by Bill Condon.  Other sources have comfirmed they will be filming in Vancouver between February and March 2011.  There are two set visit prize packages that offered flight, hotel accommodation and a set visit to Breaking Dawn.  (See blog post on September 9th)
My sources informed me they will not be filming at Jacob Black’s house until spring of 2011 but that can change.
I drove by Keery Park today and they are building Bella’s House.
Production will only build Bella’s house if they are planning to shoot exterior shots and do not like to leave the house erected for long periods of time.  The house is a shell and not made to withstand Canadian winters.
The house takes a couple of weeks to build.  It is close to the end of September right now and I understand all the cast is set to meet mid October for pre-production in New Orleans.

I predict the cast will return to Vancouver as early as late October and early November to complete some exterior work including work at Bella’s house.   They will probably return to the locations along Quarry Road and Capilano Park.
There is a guard at the park.  The lower driveway into the basement is under construction.  The landscaping is underway and the house is on location covered by blue tarp.  The curb is complete and the hedging is in.  The three trees in front and Jacob’s tree on the side have yet to be planted so to speak.
I will visit the site and post the progress.  I will try to keep everyone up to date with new developments  with the filming of Breaking Dawn in Vancouver.  If you have any tips or leads, please  drop me an email at
It looks like I will be amending my Movie Location Tours again to include this location.

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