Blast From the Past: Rob funny moments

Video thanks to SweetPuffin

This video should be called Rob WTF facial expressions LMAO!! My top moments on this video===>>> all video i was laughing my ass off!! haha 
No he is mean when he tells kristen cants don't live very long she looked crushed:( Oh Rob i bet you got a whooping that day:) How about when he says "your counting.... well somebodys counting" and he was messing up bwhahhha oh ROb why we love you:)

What is your favorite moment?:?

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4 Responses to Blast From the Past: Rob funny moments

  1. It would be hard to choose. He has such a good sense of humor and his smile and laugh are so infectious. Its hard to find anything else to say about Rob for I think they have already been said.

  2. I love the way he loves!!

  3. adorable Rob my favorite


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