Chelsea Handler worries about facing all the celebrities she has offended at the VMAs. One of them: Rob!!

Chelsea Handler is a notorious offender. Offender of celebrities great -- Robert Pattinson -- and small -- Snooki. (And by small, we mean tiny in size, of course!) So what's she going to do when she hosts the 2010 MTV VMAs? Have a few vodka tonics and hope for the best? Go out there guns blazing? In her new VMA promos, she faces the music. And that music happens to be a seating chart of all of the VMA stars in the audience that night. And it's not looking good. Chelsea's offended them all. Except for one man. And that man is Kid Rock... Well, at least for now.

Seating Chart:

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So, does this mean he will be at the VMA's? Or is this just something to get attention?? I hope hes there!!

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