Video of Rob and Kristen at Trudeau Airport in Montreal

Hmm, wonder where they are going??? Romantic getaway anyone? And poor Kristen slipped and busted her butt, just like Bella I swear!!! 

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7 Responses to Video of Rob and Kristen at Trudeau Airport in Montreal

  1. no, she didn't bust her butt. she actually slide, knelt down and was able to stand up right away:) way to go bella!

    im so happy that they are leaving together. as long as they are together, no matter where they want to go, is absolutely fine with me. Bless their trip and may they have a wonderful time together :)

  2. Well we know they are back in LA. Btw why haven't you posted those pics yet. I was hoping you would have them up already that's why I came here:-( hopefully u have them up soon. Love you guys.

  3. Robert and Kristen sitting in a tree KISSING!!! lmao I know it sounds so kinder garden but I have been wanting to say that since last Wednesday so sing with me please? Lol

  4. They do remind you of that childhood song. I have been giddy since yesterday, happy that they are happy. Wonder if they will stay in LA the whole week Kristen is off from filming? Is that Marcus or Sam with them?

  5. awww my baby kinda fell i love her tho. Did you see the pics of her flippin the finger at the papz? Shes awesome i love her and how she doesnt give a fuck about what they say. And @Jane and @anon 10:32 i have been so happy im afraid i will fall off my Robsten Bubble. they are so cute and im deffenetely loving this epicness. Love Live Robsten.

  6. I am so happy to see Rob and Kristen together but this has to be one of the funniest pap vids I have ever seen, from beginning to end. It starts off with my sweet Kristen sliding across the floor (felt bad, but you all know it was a little funny), but anyway she bounces back up like a champ like nothing happen. But the looks on the airport dudes face was comical. Then you have the starstruck couple standing in the corner gawking. Now Rob finally enters the picture and you have ASB jumping up and down like a fool trying to block the pap pics, while starstruck couple look like they are about to hyperventilate and then the best moment of all happens...babystroller guy. He runs past Rob with the stroller and then looks like he had a WTF moment. Oh shit it's Edward Cullen and then quickly u-turns that babystroller to follow behind Rob. Babystroller dad moment was priceless. I cannot stop laughing at this video.

  7. We are not going to post those pictures! We are not comfortable with doing so. Rob and Kristen were obviously not pleased with all of the camera's in there faces and we want to support them by not posting them. The only reason this video was posted was because the person filming stayed at a distance and never got in there face. Sorry!

    Hahaha I know! I love stroller dad! That was awesome, he was so excited. That poor baby probably has a whiplash now though!


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