'Vampires Suck' star Matt Lanter talks about Rob and spoofing Twilight

From E! Online

It didn't suck to be a vampire at the Teen Choice Awards, but Vampires Suck star Matt Lanter was walking the carpet with one eye open.

The 90210 cutie who plays "Edward" in the Scary Movie-type spoof braved the awards on Sunday despite the fact there were many Twilight stars roaming around.
"I really hope I don't see Robert [Pattinson]," Matt joked to us on the carpet. But that wasn't what really made him nervous..."I'm just kidding, Rob seems like a cool guy, I'm sure he'll laugh about [the film]. I've heard he has a sense of humor about it all."

So if it's not R.Pattz's hair that had Lanter a bit rattled, what was it?

"It was the Twilight fans, the Twi-hards, who I was really worried about," Matt said, with a smile that rivals Taylor Lautner's pearly whites, might we add. "But they seem to like it actually. I think the Twilight fans have a sense of humor, so it's making it that much more fun."

From People

"We very closely follow the Twilight saga, so I think anything you might find cheesy about Twilight – which I know sounds really weird – we tackle that," Lanter says. "You know that famous 'I'm a killer' scene where [Pattinson] is talking about how he's a vampire? We make fun of that, but I pull out a gun and shoot. I'm actually a killer."

And even though Lanter says he hasn't discussed the spoof with Pattinson, he thinks the British superstar and his fans will give the film two thumbs up.
"It seems like [Pattinson]'s got a sense of humor," Lanter said. "We're adding to the Twilight saga in a fun, quirky way … We're paying homage. It's the greatest form of flattery."

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One Response to 'Vampires Suck' star Matt Lanter talks about Rob and spoofing Twilight

  1. I'm not sure how I feel about the idea of this movie. If all the Twilight films have already been released then maybe. But to me, this just doesn't feel right. And the chick playing Bella ticked me off. She said something like oh I think I did a good job, but they kept telling me that I smiled too much and Kristen doesn't smile at all. I'm like Kristen smiles quite a bit in Twilight and not so much in New Moon for obvious reasons. But I felt she was just taking a dig at Kristen and that just does not sit well with me.


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