Top 10 #Robsten Moments That Made You Believe ...

Thanks to RobstenGossip

What made you start believing in Robsten?
We have compiled a list of Robsten Moments that our Readers have said made them believe in this beautiful couple!


10. Robsten Attend the Sam Bradley Concert in VC

They were in VC to film New Moon and the 'friends' definitely looked to be getting closer in their down time ...

9. MTV Movie Awards 2009

Robsten won Best Kiss for Twilight ... and almost showed us what we were waiting for!

However, we got a little luckier the next day when Robsten were spotted leaving a hotel together!

8. Comic-Con 2009

After a little bit of time apart Robsten were re-united at Comic-Con and the flirting begun!

7. Robsten Attend the Kings Of Leon Concert in VC

Back in Vancouver to film Eclipse, the whole cast attended a Kings of Leon Concert ... where Robsten seemed to be only interested in each other!

6. Robsten Caught Holding Hands in Paris

During the New Moon Promo tour Robsten were caught holding hands at the airport ...

5. Robsten in Budapest

Kristen visits Robert on the set of 'Bel Ami' in Budapest for his Birthday ... the couple seemed very happy!

4. MTV Movie Awards 2010

They won Best Kiss again ... and it looked as though we got more of a kiss this time around ... but it was their constant closeness & flirting that had you believing!

3. Eclipse Premiere & After Party
Robsten pleased fans by posing for photos & signing autographs together (unlike a certain New Moon Premiere) and wow do these photos show the love!

2. Robert Visiting Kristen 'On the Road' Set

Robert flew all the way to Montreal to visit Kristen ... the picture on the left was the closest pic we had to a Robsten kiss ... UNTILL ...

1. Robsten Spotted Kissing in Montreal

They may be a little grainy & low quality, but it doesn't matter because, we finally got the pictures we have all been waiting for ...


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3 Responses to Top 10 #Robsten Moments That Made You Believe ...

  1. They had me believing at #10. I just love this couple. They are the #1 couple in the world.

  2. i agree with you @Jane i believe in them at #10 they are really the best couple i see

  3. 100% BABY!! the way he looks at her....the way she 'leans' on they're always finding ways to be together.... *huge sigh* lust after him, adore her, love them both, squee at them together!!!!


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