Robsten Video Of The Day

Wow just wow.

I'm so in my Robstenbubble after seeing this Video.

Wait i never left...



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8 Responses to Robsten Video Of The Day

  1. Cloud 9,10,11,& 12 i love them

  2. if you notice its only Kristen being clingy to rob. He doesnt want her!

  3. ahhh....I'm in the bubble too:) I just love the Robsten videos...just proves all those Nonstens to be lacking in the brain cells dept.

  4. lol @anon 1:33 you are funny if you dont see how smiling Rob is.. I dont think you could erase his smile if youd tried. haha

  5. @twi_world Amen hun:) thanks.

    on a happy note.. anon 1:28 you are so cute. haha cloud 9,10,11, haha ill wait for you at cloud 20 ok? *mwah* Thanks for visiting us:)

  6. and I think I've seen many more videos of Rob gushing over his lady...Oprah, MTV awards...BAFTAS, Jimmy Kimmel, many press conferences...there are really too many to name. Because anywhere Rob and Kristen are together the 'love' eyes are in full effect!
    Did we not notice Rob's sad eyes at the TCA's missing his lady so much he flys up to Canada to see her...
    K done wasting my breath on a Nonsten. To be its too obvious to deny!

  7. LOL breath baby @Twi_Girl nonstens have a tendacy to not wanna see what is right in their faces. Oh well i guess when the wedding and babies come then they will MAYBE see. Untill then thanks NONSTEN for entretaining me. lmao love RD:)


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