Robert & Kristen- Beautiful Video: After all this years

  • Im still grining like a fool. Robsten what have you done to me. Its so sweet seeing them in this LONG video through all the years. i hope we have lots more to share with RObsten:)

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5 Responses to Robert & Kristen- Beautiful Video: After all this years

  1. video i so long. i love it. Thanks for posting. XoXo

  2. 5:21 kills me! look at his face and how he looks at her. So jealous in a good way

  3. 5:37 such an epic day

  4. lmaooooo 6:02 kristen what were you doing? and in from of the camera. can you tell they have been feeling more and more confrarble around each other? Long live Robsten

  5. Wow this was an amazing video. I never thought a video could come close to eclipsing Happy In Love, but this one has. Rob and Kristen have just always had it since the beginning and you can see all those moments in this video. I'm a little teary eyed at the moment. The love and tenderness of some of those moments were really moving.


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