New /Old Photos of Kristen meeting Fans + Fan encounter!

Fan Account:
I met Kristen when she was in Berlin .. she was so nice ..
We waited in front of her & Taylor’s hotel for 3 days ..The first day she didn’t show herself . At the second day she also didn’t show but Taylor did – with a 10 metre distance he waved us but it was pretty wonderful
And the third day she finally came ’cause we made a poster for her & taylor where was written “Kristen & Taylor you gave us 3 days. Please give us just a few minutes !” And a half hour later there was coming a van where she was sitting in & we screamed things like “Kristen please ! Just for a photo !” and a few minutes later I saw a little person lol running up the gateway And I got a photo with her & then I asked her ” Can I hug you ?!” and she smiled so sweet and said “Yeah sure” like she always says ;D It was the best day ever *__* She was so nice and pretty and cool and funny and and and .. lol she was amazing.

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