New Fan Picture of Rob in Montreal + Fan encounter - August 14, 2010

Me and Robert Pattinson in Montreal August 14 2010- the day i died
Thanks to teamrobsten411 for the picture. Lucky! :) You can read her fan encounter HERE
via RPLife
  • I love how Tom is lurking in the background!!! Luck girl, I am VERY jealous of her right now! What I would give to meet him!!!

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3 Responses to New Fan Picture of Rob in Montreal + Fan encounter - August 14, 2010

  1. Tom sitting there looking at that other girls just cracks me up. wonder if he is ever asked for his picture. Love seeing rob with his BFF, waiting on Kristen to get off work. She better hurry for these girls are gorgeous.

  2. Those girls are very very lucky, I wish i can meet Rob once soon,, hehe and i love that he is there with Kristen:) long live Robsten:)

  3. these girls are like out there hunting for him..they actually spent a lot of time looking pretty so when rob sees them, they are hoping to get noticed. look how bored rob is in this picture. hahaha! of course, this is not the first time girls like them came to him for a pic. kristen doesn't need to hurry at all! this guy is not interested to anyone but her ;)


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