Kristen spotted in Montreal with TomStu and Garrett


and another..

I still can't believe it i was right next to her and i took a picture with her Kristen Stewart i love you, you are too beautiful
Right there in the street like nothing having coffee with her friends, she's so beautiful
We didn't know that was RP friend, it was around 12 midnight in the street, like nothing

I just met Kristen Stewart
I can't believe it
I have photos to prove it
I pissed on myself
I'm traumatized
Kristen Stewart in Montreal
She was walking in the streets
She was with Tom
She is perfect I love her
She was just talking to Tom and I asked her for a picture and she said yes, she is perfect!

We all know how those Bromances go. So where TomStu is, Rob is probably somewhere nearby!! Maybe taking the picture? haha either way this makes me happy!!! Why are you hiding BB??

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2 Responses to Kristen spotted in Montreal with TomStu and Garrett

  1. ohh cute k-stew i think rob send tom to bee with her and if you look good Kristen is waring rob shirt and that is so cute i hope rob will bee with her soon

  2. Kristen and Tom are just waiting for Rob to get there after the Teen Awards was over.


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