Is Robert Pattinson the biggest star in hollywood?

Is Robert Pattinson the biggest star in Hollywood? Is there anyone bigger than Robert Pattinson? Will Robert Pattinson end up demanding the biggest salary in Hollywood for his next film?

You could argue that Robert Pattinson is now the biggest star in Hollywood. His movies are highly sucessful, he has millions of fans, charming good looks and more talent than almost anyone in show business today. While there are many rumors going around about what Robert Pattinson's next movie will be, there is no doubt that he will make a lot of money off of it. His pay for his next movie will probably dwarf what he just made on his last film.

Our question to you is do you think that Robert Pattinson is the biggest star in Hollywood?

metroWNY via KstewRobFans
  • Fuck yes!!! =D What do you think?

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One Response to Is Robert Pattinson the biggest star in hollywood?

  1. I think the whole world is captivated with Rob Pattinson right now. Me, I will have to use another word, like extremely obsessed.


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