Info on a very key scene filmed yesterday for 'On The Road'

@JessLajeunesse: Kristin Stewart was in my hometown Wednesday with Kirsten Dunst and Sam Riley to film a funeral scene for the movie 'On The Road.' Awesome.

@kimbo_aloco: So On The Road by Jack Kerouac is now a film starring Kristin Stewart. They filmed a funeral scene in Valleyfield.

@SarahJaneMorris: My Dad is currently filming for "On the Road", being filmed here in Mtl. Hanging with Dunst and Stewart. Plays a bartender. Woot!
@teamrobsten411: so far the #OTR scenes in aware of ; a funeral shoot, inside a fourth floor of a super old condo and the interior of a mansion
@twilightquebec: All the cast was present at important Valleyfiled for filming of 'On the Road except Kirsten Dunst. So ... Kristen Stewart was.

Article about 'On The Road' filming in Valley Field

Scenes shot in the Valleyfield Cemetery will be included in a feature film with a budget of $ 25 million based on the bestselling On the Road author Jack Kerouac U.S..

The ownership of the Canadian Legion, Victoria Street has been completely commandeered last Wednesday by the crew of the French company MK2, which produced the film in collaboration with Lyla Films, Montreal, and two other English and Brazilian companies.

Many will have noticed the presence of many trailers on the site, as well as the small signs to the location, while access to the cemetery had been totally banned visitors, as the curious.

The cemetery served as a backdrop for filming the funeral of the father of one of the main characters. Over a hundred engineers, many Quebecers have been selected for this purpose.

"They come here with all their equipment, catering, they are fully autonomous and remain very very talkative about their work," confided the president of the Legion, Remi Champagne.

Local media have also been kept out of the premises and prevented from taking photos of celebrities and film locations. But Thursday morning, there remained no trace of the film crew.

On the Road

Directed by Walter Salles, the film On the Road (we say that the title may change before launch) refers to the years of the beat generation in the United States.

This movement is brilliantly illustrated in what is considered the most eloquent manifesto that time, the novel by the author Jack Kerouac Franco-American (1957) from which the film was adapted.

Among the stars of the film, found the actress Kristen Stewart, one of the main stars of the Twilight series, Kirsten Dunst (Spiderman), as well as Sam Riley (The law and order) and Garrett Hedlund (Troy, Four Brothers ).

It was however impossible to see one or other of these Hollywood stars during the shooting last Wednesday. However, according to our sources, Kirsten Dunst is the only four stars mentioned not to have attended the scene shot at us.
The movie On the Road is expected in theaters in 2011.

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