Fan shares her encounter with Kristen (and a few OTR cast members) in Argentina

[Translated, it was difficult, i tried]

Kristen in V. Angostura read a letter from me and told her assistant that she wanted to meet me. John gave a few schedules to my dad and met us in a cafeteria. The production talked with me and my family ahead of time to ensure we were not psychopaths, I know. Hahaha when they told me "she is waiting" I almost had a heart attack, could not breathe. I crossed the street and walked half a block and entered the mansion and went through security where they had metal detectors (as if I would do something to you. Já) crossed another door and you came running to greet me. That image will never leave me. I hugged you for all the times i could not, starting to cry was inevitable. I was so nervous I had a tummy ache and when I saw you, everything vanished. I said "I'm so sorry, I know you must hate this" and you said 'Are you kidding me? This is the best part' with a huge smile that I will never forget, I was speechless for a while, I couldn't do anything but look at you Kristen and I couldn't help myself I said: "You're actually more beautiful in person" and you touched your hair, you did not know what to tell me lol I love you you're so cute. "How much time do we have?" and you said "Oh, we're just chillin". They were totally having a party in the backyard. In fact my brother told me that Garrett told him "Do you like beer?" "Yes, with friends" (Indian) and said "Do you want?" (and pointed to his glass of beer)

They brought us two chairs and they sort of separated us and I said nah, I got up and dragged my chair right next to you "I cannot be so far from you" "hahaha" you laughed. They brought us water and you drank half of yours in half a minutes (it was hot) haha and I said "I do not even know why I have this glass on my hand, I'm gonna leave it in the ground for my safety" jajaja

You introduced me to all your friends .. Sam R. GOSH! My weakness (the English) told me "Hi how are you? I'm Sam" "I know. Nice to meet you!" then Garret approached me (Yes, it's beautiful. Very) has eyes to die I swear. and says "Hey, I'm Garret" (I found the all very cool especially Garret) and one other greeted me one I cant remember who.

Lastly, John (who is the best let's make that clear) would speak to me with a smile and I neither looked nor listened, I could not stop looking at the creature who sat next to me. I grabbed your hand (btw, is very soft and had chipped red nail polish) and you said...."How are you? Are you Enjoying this?" "MY LIFE IS NOT GONNA GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS. TRUST ME" "Oh, do not say that!" hahaha but it's true. "But truth is, this is the moment of my life."
We talked about Robert and Ashley Greene, I taught her some Spanish and we were being silly. She is very sweet, none of what they say is true. She's so shy is hard to believe. I was with her for an hour because at 1710 I was out already, but it seemed a century. I want more centuries. I love you princess, there is no bigger satisfaction to know that you know I exist and that you escorted me to the door.
For those who want to know, No I didn't met her at the airport. It was a something between her and I, and I do not want to say more. But I want to clarify something: I do not pretend to enjoy one, I just wanted to share my experience, if it bothers you is not my fault. Kristen Jaymes Stewart I love you, thank you for the best day of my life.
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Translation and via KstewRobFans

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  1. Hi everyone!!, just wanted to comment something about the translation!, the part where it says "indians", i'm pretty sure it was an expresion that translates as "j*rks", 'cause she's talking about his brother only drinking with "the guys"

  2. awww this is so sweet. If its true because it sounds a bit i dont know too good to be true but if its true Kristen i love you you are the best! I want to meet you!! x0x0 and @ati2810 i dont get what you mean hun?


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