EW grades Rob's look for Teen Choice Awards

Yes, we are aware that legions of Twilight fans will scream in unison no matter what R.Patz says, does, or wears. But couldn't the man who plays Edward Cullen have hired a stylist — or even a dry-cleaner — to steam those troublesome wrinkles from his too-too-casual blue plaid shirt? Grade: D+

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awww my poor baby. Its okay Rob we love you no matter what you wear or dont wear for that matter, Love live RPattx plaid shirts:)

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2 Responses to EW grades Rob's look for Teen Choice Awards

  1. This makes me so angry. Ew has always dissed Rob and I can't understand why. He looked no different from Taylor or any other guy who had his sleeves rolled up. My gosh, David Beckman had half of his shirt tucked in and half out. What is it with EW and Rob. I will never buy another one of their magazines. Rob looked hot just like always and the blue was great with his eyes.

  2. Don't they get it already - Rob don't care what fashion critics think and such. He is just Rob and he loves his hair messy and his shirts wrinkled and sloppy & for EW's info. - WE LOVE HIM just the way he is. WE have and always will love the messy hair. So I give EW a D-. Plus Rob is just plain hot in Plaid & Jane is right Taylor was dressed the same way but in Red. Loved the blue on Rob it does bring out his eyes.


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