Edward vs. Jacob..The Pros and cons!

Pro: Edward can offer Bella eternal life. She will never get old and they will always be together.

Con: Edward is dead.

Pro: Edward gets all disco sparkly in the sunlight.

Con: Disco is dead.

Pro: There wouldn't be much of a clothing bill since Edward really doesn't need clothes to keep warm.

Con: The pancake makeup and orange lip gloss could become a real budget buster.

                            Pro: No cooking EVER!

Con: No eating EVER!

Pro: Edward lives in a beautiful house.

Con: Yeah, a house with no beds.

Pro: Edward will never age.

Con: Bella will have to spend eternity with a high school student.

Pro: Jacob in his werewolf form can be warm and cuddly.

Con: Taking werewolf Jacob for a walk and having to "clean up" after him is sure to put a strain on the relationship.

Pro: Jacob is a real "Meat and Potatoes" man (minus the potatoes) and he will always be able to provide food for the table on a moment's notice.

Con: Bella shouldn't expect much support if she decides to become a vegan.

Pro: Jacob has a big family so Bella won't ever be lonely.

Con: All the male members of the family waltz around bare-chested (wait a minute, that's a "Pro!").

Pro: Jacob is just so adorable as a wolf.

Con: Not so adorable is when he does the "butt-walk" across your carpet.

Pro: The werewolves are much bigger than real wolves thus providing maximum protection.

Con: Their size becomes a detriment at worming time.

Pro: Jacob is ALIVE!
Con: Edward is DEAD!

There is NO COMPARISON!! Edwardddd!

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  1. I wanna correct the last sentence:


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