DEBUNKED & DE-TRUNKED: Robert Pattinson "almost killed by elephant" story

Apparently, when Robert Pattinson isn’t dodging actual danger (courtesy of reckless paparazzi), he has to escape from peril presented by the animal kingdom.

At least that’s what one story claims.

Pattinson “almost died while shooting his new movie Water for Elephants!” cries a Showbiz Spy item based on the National Enquirer.


What (supposedly) happened?

Rosie, a 9,000-pound elephant, “tossed Rob off her back — and nearly rolled over him” while they filmed a scene in which Pattinson gives the animal a bath while talking with Reese Witherspoon’s character.

“The script called for the elephant to step forward while swinging her trunk from side to side, but Rosie got her signals mixed up,” according to a so-called “source.”

“Instead, she sat down on her big butt, lifted her front legs — then rolled over,” continues the Enquirer.

“Before anyone could react, Robert slid right down the elephant’s back. It could have been a disaster if she’d rolled over on him — but he got lucky, landing face first in a pile of dirt and mud. He was filthy, but unharmed.”

Well, if anyone knows about falling into filth, it’d be the National Enquirer.

But while the Rosie & Robert incident is dramatic — it’s 100% false.

A source close to Pattinson tells Gossip Cop the supposed elephant near-disaster is “untrue.”

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