Celebuzz: Who is Hotter Right now, Rob or Zac Efron? (Poll)

Did Robert Pattinson destroy Zac Efron’s chances of becoming Young Hollywood’s reigning heartthrob? According to several experts, it just might be so.

In light of the disappointing box office draw of Efron’s new high-profile movie, Charlie St. Cloud (reportedly, it’s raked in a mere $23 million since its July 30 release, compared to its $44 million budget), PopEater gathered a panel of authorities and asked if the former High School Musical hunk’s star has dimmed.

The consensus? Yes—and R-Pattz is largely to blame.

According to relationship expert Matt Titus, Pattinson has overpowered Efron in the teen idol department with his superior understanding of how to play the fame game:

“Robert is the new King of all the screaming girls at this moment and they have forgotten Zac. You only need to look at this year’s MTV Movie Awards; when Zac entered the girls were excited but when Robert walked in the place went nuts. Twilight has changed everything and Robert Pattinson gets it. He says nothing, and acts mysteriously. This is what teenage girls really want right now.”

But according to New York Times film critic Joe Neumaier, Pattinson isn’t the only pretty boy cutting into Efron’s percentage in the heartthrob market. The way Neumaier sees it, there’s currently a glut of male celebs vying for teenage girls’ hearts, and Efron has failed to adequately distance himself from the pack:

“I blame an overcrowded pin-up boy field. Yes, Rob Pattinson is in that jam-packed yearbook but so is Taylor Lautner, some Gossip Girl boys, Shia LaBeouf, the Glee guys and at least one Jonas brother. All these young dudes are now starting to cancel each other out. I think at this point, there’s only so many dewy-eyed sulking guys [that] girls can keep track of.”

What’s your take? Has Pattinson trounced Efron, or are you firmly entrenched on Team Zac?

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