Another fan encounter with Rob from last night

  • Well he's having a good time? WHere is Kristen?? ME thinks somebodys gonna get in trouble haha you think?

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4 Responses to Another fan encounter with Rob from last night

  1. The fan from one of the pictures below said that Kristen showed up later wearing a hoodie and looked tired probably from a long day of work, fan pics stopped once she arrived, and that they were definitely dating. I think the robsten bubble was in full effect last night.

  2. again so lucky to who ever those girls are, *sigh* i love them:) i mean Robsten they make me happy, also why no one wanted to take pics with tom? hes hot:)

  3. the girl who was wrapping her hands around rob and putting her other hand on his tummy is way too creepy for me! she should be a little more decent and contain herself. the guy was kind enough to have a pic with them, you dont need to harrass him like that. you have to know your boundaries too. maybe that's why kristen looked pissed. she was tired from work and maybe she saw what this girl is doing to his man. back off!

  4. You are so right anonymous. lol idk tho i may act the same or even worse if it was me in her position. i mean the guy is fucking hot and well haha. awww im just happy hes there to see his girl:)


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