*Spiler* Eclipse Scene: Leg-Hitch Proposal

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OMFG did everyone die?? Gahhhhhh i love this scene so much.. I loved Edwards look, he looks so much like a vamp and oh dear God so HOT!! The song? So fit for this scene and OMFG breath taking. I was hyperventilating at this point. Enjoy. Edward I LOVE YOU!!!

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4 Responses to *Spiler* Eclipse Scene: Leg-Hitch Proposal

  1. Me too! His look in PERFECT in this scene! His eyes are practically SMOLDERING!! :))

  2. I loved this scene and yes Edward looked amazing!!! Those eyes - WoW!!! I hyperventilated too. The girl next to me @ the Midnight Premiere looked at me like I lost my mind. LOL!!!

  3. I love the song as well - gives me goosebumps especially while Edward is proposing and Bella says yes and the look on Edward's face. Chokes me all up every time I see that part. Never gets old.

  4. This was my favorite part of the movie. Oh god...the whole speach about chaperone strolls and ice tea and Edward's face when she says yes always gives me chills and makes me giddy. This scene was just perfection. Thanks for posting it!


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