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“Everyone has sex before marriage”

Vampire Robert Pattinson talks about fame and roomservice, noble knights and ‘the first time’

The good vampire is back. The third part of Stephenie Meyers saga ‘Twulught’ started last week in de German theathers, and Robert Pattinson gets into the role of ?blassen? Edward Cullen. In ‘Eclipse’ Bella must choose between the bloodsucker and her friend who becase a wolf. What a drama. But heartbreaker Pattinson stays relaxed. In some kind of brown jeans and a tshirt, the 24 year old comes to the interview in a suite of the Four Seasons in Los Angeles.

Rob, they call you the ‘most famous actor in the world’. How does that feel?

It has good and bad days. So far my ego hasn’t gotten any damage yet.

You are 24 and you can barely go out the door without a bodyguard. Doesn’t that bug you?

Sometimes. But then I remember how my normal life was: boring.

People, that have shut the door in your face when you were a Nobody, now roll out the red carpet for you.

Well, that’s how it is. In London this goes different, there it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you give the bouncer 200 pounds in his hand. There was a really good phase before ‘Twilight’ came out and someone knew my name. Suddenly my name was on the really hip guestlists. I wanted to go to a party with a friend (girl), just said my name and the woman t the admission just said: ‘ All is good, come on in’. I was quite ready. Four months later ‘Twilight’ came out. Since then I rarely go out.

Where do you live now, London or L.A.? Do you even have a home?

No, my ‘house’ consists of three suitcases out of which I live. They have everything in it.

Can you even live without a chambermaid, mini-bar and roomservice?

Last I was in London in a hotel with a fantastic roomservice. There I ate the same thing every day: Chicken Tikka, an Indian chickendish. It was so good, that I kept ordering it every time. Eventually I was fed up with heavy food. In Los Angeles I then got the services of a delivery service, that only offers fresh and healthy food. Also if I sometimes come over stupid (don’t understand thisfirst part of the sentence well :s), I let them bring me a big bag with only healthy food in the morning. I have never felt this healthily well-fed in my whole life.

Do you sometimes long for a homecooked meal?

Sure, but mostly I’m on my own or on the road. And I can’t cook myself. I know just enough to make me a slice of toast. I don’t have the genetic ability for it. I’m incapable of judging if something tastes good. The only thing I do know, is that Barbecue-sauce goes with everything!

Has Twilight made your life more lonely?

I always work, am always surrounded by people, who ask questions or give me pointers. That’s why I enjoy when I am on my own. I don’t have a problem with that, not talking to anyone for two months.

What do you wake in women as Edward? Is it the noble knight, of whom we all dream?

I often hear, that this history comes over as oldfashioned and that this encourages women to take the role of a victim. I don’t think this. Even when Bella has some moments of helplessness, she is still a fictitious figure. Where do we come to the conclusion, that a fictional filmfigure is automatically held as an example for our company?

Twilight’ represents rather old-fashioned virtues. Bella and Edward only sleep together after their marriage. Are you against sex before marriage?

I rather believe, everyone has sex before marriage. Me personally, I wouldn’t like to always have a chaperone along.

You once said, you think the saga is sexy without sex.

I mean that. Everyone of us, knows of the time before something happens between a couple, where you aren’t completely sure if the other likes you or not? That is a valuable time. That moment can last forever. With that sweet unknown comes fear, especially when it’s a first for both. I believe, that this fear stokes that longing. And with us, this time of wanting stretches over four books.

How has your relation with headliner Kristen Stewart changed?

A lot has become easier. She’s always very good, but also gives a clear opinion. That can already be uncomfortable. Sometimes she peeks at the director during a scene and says: ‘We’ll do this again’.

Did you ever do this the other way around?

She would probably kill me! She would say something like ‘Shut your mouth! That scene was perfect!’

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