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If you are looking at this and smiling like a fucking moron like i am then YES!! You are a Robsten Dreamer. Not just a yeah maybe they are together but a HELL yeah they are so CUTE:) There us NO WAY on earth the way Rob looks at her is in a friendly way, NO WAY!!! GET IT OUT OF UR HEAD!!! Their happiness makes me happy. They are so cute together and THAT makes my Robsten Dreams come true ~Alma

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5 Responses to Robsten Video Of The Day

  1. This video melted me. *sigh*

  2. Alma I so agree with you 100% AND this video is why I love your blog. Yes I agree Melissa this video completely melted me and I smiled like a dumb idiot all the way through - Gotta Be The Best One Yet. It is a weird feeling but seeilng them so happy like they are in this video helps me through my day and it's perfect to watch when I go to bed at night - I go asleep happy. This is Robsbella and YES I am 100% a Robsten Dreamer.

  3. BTW - LOVE the new set up and the colors too. Also were on earth did you find those spectacular close-ups of Rob & Kristen at the Premiere. Those speak for themselves and what we have known for so long. ;)

  4. Hey girlies. im glad my words are just not me talking lol. i feel so just HAPPY?? WHEN i see them? The fact that the connection is there for almost 3 year makes it so much better. I love Robsten and yes I AM ALSO A ROBSTEN DREAMER!! NO I DONT NEED HELP. LOL ~aLMA

  5. Agree with you Alma - I'm happy in my little Robsten/Twilight Universe - I don't need to be saved from it & I don't need help - I'm fine where I am.


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