Robsten Cuteness Pic Spam

Since News seem to be so slow i thought id post a pic spam of Robsten Cuteness cuz lets face it who doesnt like i mean love Robsten

3 of my fav photoshoots. Look at the way they look at each other? How playful they are? I smile everytime i see one of this pics. It makes me HAPPY!!!

So did they or Didnt they? The whole kiss thing? Me thinks they did kiss. What do you think? all i know i was screaming like a little girl with excitment.
Can we say Cute?? we have this pic on our sidebar cuz its just so cute. Hmmm?? smitten you think? Look at her smile what does it tell you??

Kill me now cute?? What do you think he is thinking now??

This looks like the one on top but if u look closely this one is
first then the one on top, maybe this is my fav favorite? LOL
Million dollar smiles!!! They seemed so cute and happy at the premier. Did you guys catch the like little stomach poking from Rob to Kristen? That was so cute:)
  • Hope you liked our little Robsten Cuteness post. Tell me what you think. Leave us some love on the comments. We promise we dont bite:) (LOL)~Alma

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2 Responses to Robsten Cuteness Pic Spam

  1. aaah! i love them so much! abyone has a link of the vid of rob's stomach poking?

  2. love this pic so much so love in it ohh robsten moment


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