Rob's Fans Make The Pap's Do A Runner !!!


Paparazzi have always been a long-time nuisance for celebrities all over the world. But then what would we do without them? But when things go from bothersome to troublesome, that’s when the paparazzi game can be a bit of an annoyance, and the fans of Robert Pattinson were not having it on the set of  Water For Elephants.

ROBERT PATTINSON’s fans came to his rescue on the set of WATER FOR ELEPHANTS – they forced the paparazzi to stop snapping the star as he shot dangerous scenes with REESE WITHERSPOON.
Snappers frequently descended on the California set to try and catch Pattinson and Witherspoon at work, and at one stage they were distracting the pair during a scene – but the Twilight star’s waiting fans saved the day.
He tells Telepoche magazine, “(The funniest fan experience) happened while I was filming Water for Elephants in which my partner is Reese Witherspoon. We had a scene with elephants but there were so many paparazzi around that it was scaring the animals and it was impossible to film.
“Out of the blue, fans, that were waiting for autographs, had enough and circled around the paparazzi. Teens made big guys run away. It was unreal! I was pleased.”
Way to go it just proves that us his fans really do love him i know i do :)

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  1. Awwww so sweet. I would have punched those in the nutts!!!! So sweet that Rob aknowledge that:)


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